Joybos® Reusable Kitchen Cleaning Dish Cloth

$89.16 $64.95

High Quality Material: It is made of native wood pulp... Read more

CHOOSE STYLE: Cleaning Dish Cloth

Color: Printed

  • Printed
  • White

Quantity: 4pcs(12 roll)

  • 4pcs(12 roll)
  • 2pcs(6 roll)
  • 1pcs(3 roll)
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$89.16 $64.95
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  • Das Produkt: Joybos® Reusable Kitchen Cleaning Dish Cloth $89.16 $64.95
  • Joybos® Soap Dispensing Dish Brush Set $19.95
  • High Quality Material: It is made of native wood pulp and PP material instead of cheap polyester.Waste-Free Alternative to Towels for Making Your Life Easier.
  • Super Water Absorption:Excellent water and oil absorption when the kitchen cloths are dry,perfect for quickly wiping up spills,stains and other messes.
  • Tough Enough:Tough Enough to Be Used As Towels,Disposable dry washcloths,stronger and durable than regular dish cloths,will not fall apart when wet or scrubbing stubborn stains.Reusable several times before discarding,saving money,and space in your home.
  • Wet/Dry Use:Multi-use reuseable cloths for wet and dry use to cope with different cleaning scenes, such as: kitchen, office and bathroom.
  • Easy to Tear Design:Point-break design for you to tear each sheet easily,convenient for quantitative use.Hygienic one piece design for one day, less cloth towel washing to make your make your life easier.
  • Multi-Purpose:Multi-use reuseable cloths for drying,cleaning tableware, range hood, shoes, tables, floors,windows, etc.
  • Cute Exquisite Printing:Thick material,exquisite printing design further beautifys your kitchen.
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Joybos® Reusable Kitchen Cleaning Dish Cloth

Printed / 4pcs(12 roll)
Printed / 4pcs(12 roll)
$89.16 $64.95