Joybos® 4 Gallon Large Lid Narrow Slot Air Pressure Trash Can



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Color: White/gray

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Total price:$46.90

This garbage bin is a Large cover Narrow Slot Air Pressure trash can,put on the trash bag and press the lid,gas pressure down the garbage bag,the gas in the barrel is discharged,The trash bag is tightly attached to the trash can,No longer have to reach into the trash can,easy opening and closing,simple press buckle design,aan match various home scenes,this trash can is extremely durable and easy to wipe clean, waterproof, dustproof,and pet-proof,Fits common trash bags, no expensive custom bags are required.

  • Garbage bag attach to the barrel wall: Don't worry about inadequate use of space, No need to reach into the dirty trash can.
  • Privacy Garbage Can: Hide the ugly plastic bag and hide all the ugly looking trash. Trash can with lid is well sealed, prevent odor, you don't see the trash bag hanging over the sides of the indoor trash can
  • Space-saving Design: Suitable for RV, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. This small dustbin for kitchen special fit to limited space or narrow space and good to prevent your lovely puppy to dig in.

Material: PP+ABS
Capacity: 15L
Product size: 334*176*310mm
Package included:1 x Trash Can,1 x Roll of Garbage Bags (20 pcs)

A good life partner, JOYBOS trash can is your best choice

When we choose a trash can, what do we need to consider?
  • 1. Protect privacy and prevent trash from being exposed
  • 2. Easy to use, can be opened and closed easily
  • 3. Good quality, protect the health of you and your family
  • 4. Prevent pets, prevent puppies and kittens from turning garbage and affecting their bodies
  • 5. Save space, improve home comfort and space utilization, and improve home quality
Our JOYBOS trash can fully meet your above needs.
Brand new automatic adsorption trash can, creative design, bring unlimited fun to your life
  • When we use the trash can, we always worry about the unevenness of the trash bag.
  • Now JOYBOS automatically adsorbs the trash can to solve your worries perfectly.
  • When you put on the trash bag, you only need to cover the body of the trash can. Using the principle of air pressure, the trash bag can be absorbed on the wall of the bucket smoothly, saving the space in the bucket and bringing you a comfortable experience.
The first trash can that makes setting trash bags so simple
  • After years of research and development, we finally found a way to make the garbage bag easy and smooth.
  • The exhaust hole at the bottom of the trash can can instantly discharge the excess gas inside the barrel, so that the trash can is tightly adsorbed on the wall of the barrel.
  • Increase the space in the barrel to facilitate the storage of garbage.
Intimate design, just to bring you a better experience
  • When you take out the trash, how practical the large opening design is, It can perfectly dump all the trash at once.
  • Designed for a variety of narrow slits, easy to place and use, easy to clean and tidy the home, it is a good helper for you to improve the quality of your home.
  • Good quality, strong material, super load-bearing, no deformation, no damage, safe and durable.
JOYBOS trash can is suitable for a variety of spaces, adding color to your life
  • When we need a surprise gift, this is a good choice, you can show your friends its good adsorption effect, let your friends experience this magical function with you.
  • Suitable for RV, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. This small kitchen trash can is especially suitable for limited or narrow spaces.
Name 4 Gallon Large Lid Narrow Slot Air Pressure Trash Can
Color White
Material ABS + PP Plastic
Capacity 15L
Shape Cylindrical
Cover opening mode Press-type lid
Waterproof Level IPX5
Product Dimensions 33.4*31*17.6cm
Product Weight 1.05 kg
Package Included 1* Trash Can;