Joybos® Non Adhesive Clear Double Sided Tape

$30.05 $27.95

The Non-Adhesive, Double Sided  Tape is the revolutionary, new double-sided... Read more

Quantity: (3 Rolls) 3M/9.8ft

  • (3 Rolls) 3M/9.8ft
  • (2 Rolls) 3M/9.8ft
  • (1 Roll) 3M/9.8ft

Color: Transparent

  • Transparent
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$30.05 $27.95
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The Non-Adhesive, Double Sided  Tape is the revolutionary, new double-sided tape that instantly locks things into place – without adhesives!it comes off cleanly with no sticky residue or damage to the surface. It’s multi-functional and reusable – just remove, rinse and reuse it over again and it stays just as strong. Use it to hang pictures or shelves and keep furniture or carpets from sliding.

  • Non-adhesive, double-sided tape
  • Advanced-grip technology
  • Securely holds up to 5kgs
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant
  • Great for hanging pictures and decorations
  • Easy to use and reusable
Dimensions:3mx3cm  (118x1.18inch)
weight: 0.45lb


Use Step


①.Clean the surface you want to stick your nano tape onto with a damp cloth.
②.Cut the tape into your preferred size.
③.Make sure the surface is fully dry before sticking the tape. Stick the tape.
④.Peel off the protective film.
Stick your items on the tape.


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Joybos® Non Adhesive Clear Double Sided Tape

(3 Rolls) 3M/9.8ft / Transparent
(3 Rolls) 3M/9.8ft / Transparent
$30.05 $27.95