Joybos® 30-Grids Timing Flip Egg Storage Container


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1 Pcs
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Color: Transpart

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Egg storage box with deep grooves for more stable egg storage
The upper and lower layers of the egg storage box are more spaced and the space between the front and rear of each layer is wider
With a time record axis, don't worry about forgetting the date
  • High Capacity: Three layers design, can store 10 eggs per layer,free storage and more space saving Egg tray fixing, groove design, each egg is placed separately, prevent shaking, effectively prevent the egg from colliding and breaking.
  • High Quality Materials: The use of non-toxic high-quality PET material, beautiful at the same time to ensure the safety of the egg storage containers. You can safely put your eggs inside. 
  • Deeper Egg Trough: Compared with normal egg storage, our deepened egg storage container holds eggs more securely and prevents eggs from rolling off or breaking when opening the refrigerator, and the three-layers design makes your refrigerator look neater.
  • Automatic Flip: When the first layer of eggs is finished, the tray will automatically pop up and will not prevent you from taking the second layer of eggs.
  • Transparent Design: The egg holder is totally transparent, so you can clearly see the number of eggs, making it easy to replenish eggs in time; no cover design making it easier to load eggs and clean.
  • Time Memory: A time scale is added on the top of the egg box to record the time you put the eggs, reminding you to keep the eggs fresh and avoid expiration.

Tipps: Small head down, large head up. The large head of the egg has an air chamber. Placing the large head upward allows the yolk to float up and stick under the air chamber, effectively preventing microorganisms from invading the yolk, ensuring the quality of the egg and extending the freshness time.