10 Essential Cleaning Tools to Keep Your Home Sparkling

01 Trash Cans with Automatic Lid

The trash can features an internal hinge that allows you to place it against the wall without the top making contact with it, so you don’t have to worry about your trash can lid leaving marks on your wall.

The lid opens silently and smoothly, and there’s also an option to leave the lid open if you are chopping a lot of vegetables or cracking quite a few eggs.

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02 Cleaning Flat Floor Mop and Bucket

This all-in-one wet cleaning system is the perfect alternative to a mop and bucket, whether you’re ready to ditch yours or you never had one in the first place. You can get the deep clean you need (and your floors deserve), without the time and effort it takes to fill a bucket with water and lug it around while you mop. (We won’t even get into the mess of dealing with a bucket full of dirty mop water.)

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03 Magnetic Telescopic Rod Window Cleaner

With a strong double-sided magnetic design, this magnetic window cleaner enables you to clean your window without needing to risk standing at the window, the best tools for cleaning high-rise glass. This cleaner is especially for 5-35mm thickness window, so the magnetism is strong to make sure it doesn’t fall easily.

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04 Broom and Dustpan Set with Long Handle

Excellent Dust Collection Function: Our broom is designed with three layers of dense bristles, which can provide a larger surface area for capturing dust, and can capture dust and dirt more effectively.
Integrated Comb Design: The dustpan is equipped with a row of 3cm long comb teeth, which can easily remove hair, cotton thread, dust and debris attached to the broom bristles.
Space Saving: Due to the compact design of the vertical dustpan and broom, it is not only easy to store and move, but also does not take up much space.

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05 Super Sweeper Broom

The broom made of silica gel can clean without leaving any traces. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. You can even clean the glass in the bathroom. The head can be removed, allowing you to clean more scenes.

06 Cleaning Cloths Disposable

Our multi-use reuseable cloths wipes everything clean, makes the stubborn stains disappear while leaving no lint behind. This Skin-friendly, disposable dish cloths are comfortable feeling to hand,makes it gentle enough for wiping glass, furniture

07 Floor Cleaner Sheets for Mopping

Your Mop's New Bff: The perfect cleaning companion to your mop bucket is finally here! The deep cleaning power of enzymes makes floor cleaning a breeze.

08 Rectangular Mop Bucket

Cleaning Mop Bucket: Specially designed for Joybos mop, and it can also be used to clean and wash other brands' mops.
Ergonomic rectangular cleaning bucket: This professional cleaning bucket has a rectangular shape ideal for your small cleaning tasks around the house.

09 Wall Mountable Shoe Brush With Soap Dispenser

The shoe brush boasts extra-tough fibers and Bushy for easy scrubbing of large areas. It can produce rich foam and efficiently clean hard-to-clean dirt around your bathroom or kitchen. It can be used on fast tile walls, carpets, floors, and so on, making your cleaning easy.

10 Silicone Toilet Brush with Detergent Dispenser 

Open the cover on the top of the handle, pour the cleaning liquid into the storage tank, press the button to start cleaning the bathroom. After the liquid is added, use it several times, and the cleaning steps are more precise and convenient.